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Anna (Olaf's Frozen Adventure)

As you can probably tell by now, I am obsessed with Anna's looks.​

The excuses I have for making this cosplay are twofold. First of all, I wanted to test my skirt, bonnet, blouse, and boot cover crochet patterns and even conducted an official pattern test of the blouse with other crocheters as I worked on this one. The second, is that I saw a jacket with a similar shape to this one at Iceland Knit Fest (2021) and wanted to attempt to reproduce the same technique with crochet. I ultimately ended up taking a slightly different, and more crochet-friendly, route (but not until I had ripped out 5 previous attempts).

I also caught Covid-19 while working on this, and as such did not write down a (legible) pattern for the jacket. Unfortunately, it shall remain a mystery for now.

I also used this opportunity to experiment more with felting - especially in the case of small decorations and appliqués, as can be seen on the bonnet, jacket and boots. 




Boot Covers



Yarns used:

Favourite Wool


Sparkle Soft White

Sale Plain

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