Princess blouse

Stay warm and comfy no matter the weather with this Norwegian-princess-inspired shirt.

Adventurer's beret

A quick and easy beret pattern.

Mystery hunter dress

Stay warm and look stunning while you catch ghosts and ghouls that all turn out to be old white men in disguise!


Plain, simple and functional crochet gloves.

Ice princess corset

Become an ice princess with this crochet corset pattern.

Tide mouse

Tide Mice are magical creatures summoned by witches for people to grant them good luck

Angel tree topper

After trawling the internet, I could not find the angel tree topper I wanted to make, so I just made one myself.

Watermelon Clutch Purse

Get a fresh and fruity look this summer, with this juicy clutch purse.

Dogbert & Catbert

A two-in-one pattern for Dogbert and Catbert from the Dilbert cartoon strip!

Summer Breeze Tunic

Summer tunic pattern, as is fits a European size 40

Design-your-own mittens

Let your imagination run free with these highly customisable mittens!

Princess double layered cape

Is winter getting you down and you feel the need to look more royal as you battle the icy winds?
Look no further. This cape is royal, ornate and amazingly comfy and warm.


A nisse is a mythological creature from Nordic folklore

Ice princess wrap skirt

Comfy and stylish skirt for all seasons

Cat coaster

After becoming paranoid about leaving stains on tables, we whipped up this quick cat coaster pattern.

Fifties style shrug

Inspired by a pattern from 1953

Formidable tote bag

A fun, summery tote bag, with the inspirational French message “Formidable”

Bathroom organiser

 10 brush holes as well as a lower pocket and is made to be wrapped around a clothes hanger

Lace-up fingerless gloves

A quick, simple pattern for some fingerless gloves with some extra steampunk flair.

Sunshine Crop Top

8 granny squares sewn together to make a trendy crop top

Princess skirt with pockets

Skirt is very comfortable and adequately swooshy, making even the humblest traveler feel like royalty.

Princess traveling bonnet

Face the cold winter like the royalty you are with this Frozen-inspired bonnet

Ascot scarf

Add some vintage flair to your autumn look!

Mountain man trousers

Hardy wool trousers for the intrepid mountain man!

Baby troll

Make your own baby troll, as seen in Hilda - just be careful not to leave it unsupervised at night!


I absolutely love the Netflix animated TV series Hilda, and when I saw Woodman I knew I absolutely had to make him.

Vincent's bunny

Vincent sent me a photo of his partner's beloved childhood toy and asked me to crochet a shiny, new replica

Amigurimi Male Genitalia

It is what it is. NSFW, 18+.

Snowflake Scrunchies

Time to make even your head-wear feel a bit christmassy.

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