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Updated: Dec 13, 2022

Any information or photos within this pattern are the sole copyrighted property of Jessica Chambers/ Transatlantic Crochet. Do not copy and paste or share any of the information within this pattern. If you so wish, please share the direct link to the pattern for sale only. I greatly appreciate any shares! This pattern is NOT for resale, however a limited amount of items made using the pattern can be sold by the maker. I ask that you give credit for the pattern by tagging either Transatlantic Crochet’s Instagram handle, Etsy, or Ravelry.

ad-free PDF available here


  • 4mm hook

  • 3.5mm hook

  • 4 buttons

  • yarn needle

  • scissors

  • 2 colours of yarn

ad-free PDF available here


• Chain (ch)

• Single crochet (sc)

• Half double crochet (hdc)

• Double crochet (dc)

• Slip stitch seaming, tutorial here.

• Tip: chain the foundation row with a hook one size larger than the hook used on the rest of the project, here I recommend making the foundation chains with a 4.00mm hook then using a 3.5mm hook for the rest.

ad-free PDF available here


Main piece

In main colour:

Chain 50+1

Row 1- 8: turn, sc along, ch 1

Ch 1

Row 9-17: turn, hdc along, ch 2

Row 18: turn, 2 hdc, ch2+sk2, (2 hdc, ch3+sk3) x 8, 2 hdc, ch2+sk2, 2hdc, ch2 (22 x hdc, 2x 2ch

spaces, 8x 3ch spaces)

Row 19-25: turn, hdc into each st (including the chain spaces) ch2 (50)

Row 26: turn, hdc into each st, ch1

Row 27: turn, 2 sc, ch2+sk2, (2 sc, ch3+sk3) x 8, 2 sc, ch2+sk2, 2sc, ch2 (22 x sc, 2x 2ch spaces, 8x 3ch spaces)

Row 28-32: turn, hdc into each st (including the chain spaces) ch2 (50)

Row 33: turn, hdc into each st (including the chain spaces) ch1 (50)

Row 34: turn, sc into each st, ch 3 (50)

Row 35 – 46:turn, dc in each st, ch 3 (50)

Row 47: turn, sc into each st, finish off

Along the second hdc row, sew four buttons evenly apart.

ad-free PDF available here

Brush pocket

In second colour ch 50

Row 1-4: ch 1, sc along, turn

Finish off OR sew on using slip stitch seaming

→ Sew this piece along row 34.

ad-free PDF available here

Finishing off

Sc around the piece with 3sc in each corner and sewing up the sides of the pockets as you go. On the top

row (1st chained row) make a ch10 loop above each button.

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