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Formidable tote bag

Any information or photos within this pattern are the sole copyrighted property of Jessica Chambers/ Transatlantic Crochet. Do not copy and paste or share any of the information within this pattern. If you so wish, please share the direct link to the pattern for sale only. I greatly appreciate any shares! This pattern is NOT for resale, however a limited amount of items made using the pattern can be sold by the maker. I ask that you give credit for the pattern by tagging either Transatlantic Crochet’s Instagram handle, Etsy, or Ravelry.

ad-free PDF available here


  • 5 mm hook

  • 400g size 3 yarn in khaki, 100g in white

  • yarn needle

  • scissors

ad-free PDF available here


• Chain (ch)

• Single crochet (sc)

• Half double crochet (hdc)

• Double crochet (dc)

• Surface crochet

• Spike stitch

ad-free PDF available here


Ch 46

Round 1: 2 sc in first ch, sc along then 4 sc in last ch, turn an sc along the other side of the chain,

2sc in last ch (94)

Rounds 2 - 6: 2 hdc in the second stitch of the previous 2st, hdc along, 2 hdc in the first stitch of the

previous 2st, hdc along then 2hdc the second st of the previous 2st, hdc along then 2hdc in first

stitch of the previous 2st (114 round 6)

Rounds 7 - 10: dc around (114)

Ch 1

Round 11: 2 dc, sk 2 st *3 dc in next st, sk next 2 sts* ** around (114)

Rounds 12 – 13 : 3 dc in next space around (114)

Sl st into space, ch 1

Rounds 14 – 37: sc around (114)

Ch 1

ad-free PDF available here

Round 38: 2 dc, sk 2 st *3 dc in next st, sk next 2 sts* ** around (114)

Rounds 39 – 40: 3 dc in next space around (114)

Rounds 41 – 44: dc around (114)

Rounds 45 – 46: sc around (114)

Rounds 47: Spike stitch around, finish off (114). Mark the last stitch.

Count 17 stitches from this marker, *join yarn and sc 6 sc along.

Ch 1, turn and spike stitch along.

Alternate rows of 6 sc, ch1 then 6 spike stitches, ch1 69 more times for longer straps, 45 more times

for shorter straps.

Count 10 stitches from the 6th sc and join the strap over

the next 6 stitches.*

Count 34 stitches from this stitch, and repeat **

ad-free PDF available here


Lay the bag flat so that the handles are aligned, and

mark the edges, then divide the space between these

edges into four equal parts.

Using this diagram below and surface crochet, embroider the

word “FORMIDABLE” (French for “wonderful”).

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