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Mermaid Hair Bow

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

A classic hair bow, sure to add an academic and whimsical look to any outfit.

Any information or photos within this pattern are the sole copyrighted property of Jessica Chambers/ Transatlantic Crochet. Do not copy and paste or share any of the information within this pattern. If you so wish, please share the direct link to the pattern for sale only. I greatly appreciate any shares! This pattern is NOT for resale, however a limited amount of items made using the pattern can be sold by the maker. I ask that you give credit for the pattern by tagging either Transatlantic Crochet’s Instagram handle, Etsy, or Ravelry.


  • 6 mm hook

  • 50g DK yarn

  • I used Ice Yarns Saver

  • Yarn needle

  • (Optional) a hair clip or hair tie

  • Scissors


US terms

  • Chain (ch)

  • Slip stitch (sl st)

  • Single crochet (sc)

  • Double crochet (dc)

Pattern notes


16 sts x 13 rows of hdc = 10cm x 10cm (4” x 4”)



Ch 63, join to first ch with sl st, ch 1.

Rounds 1-5: dc around, join to first ch with sl st, ch 1, turn (63)

Round 6: dc around, join to first ch with sl st (63)

Finish off.


Row 1: ch 6, starting in 2nd ch from hook, sc along, ch 1, turn (5)

Repeat row 1 until this piece can be wrapped around the Spread, cinching it in the middle.

Finish off, leaving a long tail for sewing, whip stitch the first row to the last row with the piece wrapped around the Spread to make a bow.


Ch 76

Row 1: starting in 2nd ch from hook, dc along, ch 1, turn (75)

Row 2: dc along, ch 1, turn (75)

Row 3: dc along (75)

Finish off.

Attach some yarn to the middle of this piece and sew the Ribbon to the back of the Neck (to hide the whip stitching from earlier). It may help to also cinch it in the middle.

Attach to a hair clip or hair tie with the method of your choice (sewing, glue…)

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