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This Tinkerbell cosplay was a combination of technical challenges. First of all, I needed an excuse to make some crochet wings. I had never done this before and had seen other creators makes them, so I wanted to give it a shot. The first pair  made were too flimsy, and couldn't hold themselves up.

The second pair, though less than neat, had better structural integrity.

As for filling in the wings, I initially wanted to freehand the design and then fill in the gaps with crochet. This did not work and I resorted to filling in the whole wing with crochet and then surface slip stitching the design onto it. I chose surface slip stitching as the design shows through both sides, and helps the illusion of transparency.

As for the dress, I thought her original design was just a bit too dull, so I took some inspiration from her parks dress as well as the Disney Fairies franchise and crafted the dress to look as though it were made of leaves. I attempted to mimic a look of draped fabric in her leaves.

The dress itself is attached to an old green bra that I had been saving for years for just this purpose, and also has a corset back, complete with wing holster.

The shoes are simply a crochet slipper with pom-poms attached.

For her makeup, I opted for a cat eye look with a bold lipstick, as well as lots of glitter on the eyes.

Yarns used:

Baby Summer

Natural Cotton Air

Sparkle Soft White

Macramé Cotton Glitz

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